Terms & Policies



Class reservations are available first come first serve. In order to reserve your spot in an obedience class you must pay the deposit amount to hold your spot. You will receive a confirmation for the class you are in.


All dogs must be free from injury, parasites or diseases and must be healthy. Dogs that have any illness, diseases, or have been in contact with another infected dog may not attend group classes and your trainer must be notified before a private training class. Any female dogs in season must not attend group classes.


Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. Class will resume on the next scheduled date and will run longer to make up the class that was missed. Notifications are by email, phone or text the day of the class.


If you are unable to attend a class or workshop for any reason please let us know as soon as possible. You are welcome to make up your missed class during the next scheduled class. Eg. If you missed week 2 of Level 1, then you are welcome to join the next Level 1 on week 2. Speak to your instructor about dates and options to make up your class.